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I.M. Undecided 18 Mar 2022

It is one thing to see what is wrong in a certain situation or what could be improved. It is harder to implement the change. I work with people and systems (projects) with a long history. Change involves work and giving up some of the old. Typically I and most people resist the change as well. I do not want to hurt others. Sometimes people around are simply not (yet) willing to make a change. I am not living alone.
So even in a painful situation and with having a reasonable solution, I may end up undecided, and perhaps disappointed and bitter. Which is not always fair from my side. The other parties as well deserve respect and kindness. Apart from the question whether it is fair to be bitter, it is not pleasant to be bitter.


Jesus, teach me patience and good communication. Help me to deal with my undecidedness. Show me the things I can work on today.

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