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I.M. Uncomfortable 17 Mar 2022

There are more than a few things in this world which make me feel uncomfortable. For a few moments, or longer, or deep inside.
I feel uncomfortable where I am ineffective. Sure, I cannot solve all problems and and I am not responsible for the world. Nevertheless I am an inhabitant. I participate in the resources of the earth, my country, my church and my communities. I as well cause my share in all the problems.

When I feel uncomfortable, I may need a leap of faith like the fish on the picture. I will not always have a good idea what I am diving into. Certainly into new opportunities and joys. With a leap of faith, the discomfort moves from me. I am moving out in a new situation, which needs my attention. I know where to focus. Of course, sometimes the landing on the water or earth's surface may be a bit hard. Till now I survived.


Jesus, help me to address my discomforts. By talking, writing, experimenting and jumping into new adventures.

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