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I.M. Unappreciated 15 Mar 2022

Each person may feel unappreciated once in a while. Sometimes the rejection is undeserved. Perhaps when another person is jealous. Not everything I do, will be appreciated by others. Sometimes for good reasons.

Two Examples

Unsolicited advice. When I listen to a friend's story and I offer advice to solve his problem, usually that is not appreciated. Actually I am truncating his story. I am no more listening. He may feel irritated or belittled.
I need to be careful to avoid solving the problem of someone else. Even worse, I should be very careful with criticizing. I name it analytical-critical. Because that is one of my talents. And talents can be abused.

No-one is appreciated for talking too long.


Jesus, teach me to watch my tongue. I ask for partners in practicing. Perhaps in the form of role-plays.

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