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I.M. Ugly 14 Mar 2022

How many children on this earth have been labeled as ugly? Too many. Most labels applied to me, make me feel inconveniently. It is not my pleasure to be labeled. Labels may hurt or call forth shame. Labels hurt because they are simplifications and inaccurate. No single person can be described with one single label.

Thus when I am labeled as ugly, at least many other more friendly labels could apply to me.


How many persons would label themselves as ugly or as a failure? Too many.

How would I label myself? This morning I tried. I could find a few things which I really liked. I also found that I did not label myself as a leader. Based on what? Based on my limited successes as a leader. Perhaps I should look for a few good things in my leadership skills. There are.


Jesus, help me with a more positive evaluation of my self. Give me faith.

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