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I.M. Trusted 12 Mar 2022

Something has been entrusted to me. Let it be my life or a certain task. Then it is about my integrity whether I live truly up to my capacity and perform the task I have been entrusted, or I loose trust and mess it up. I am not speaking about making some fault of mistake. That does not rob me from my integrity. I am not speaking about being successful or important.
I can only be trusted when I live with integrity. That means when I make serious efforts to care for what has been entrusted to me.


I have been entrusted a life. Thus I need to eat and drink, I need to learn to walk and do other things. When I do nothing, my life is worthless. What should I do? Protect my life and use my life for the purpose it has been given for: the Glory of God, the one who has entrusted life to me.

Is that true? You may doubt. But then, does your life have any value, any purpose, any meaning, any focus? What about your integrity? It does not require a god to understand that without integrity no-one will trust me. As a result I will feel like a failure. What did I fail? To live up to a trusted future.


One purpose of my life is to build community. A task entrusted to me by? Yes, I believe by God. I am not very successful till now. What about my integrity? What effort am I making to realize this task? I talk about it and I write about it. I try to help with some needs around me. I study, I pray, I reflect. It all appears to be ineffective. What about my integrity?
I ask advice and get few answers.

Do I throw away my dream and live an easy retirement? Something in myself would die. I would have given up the trust which God has placed in me.

I pray to the Holy Spirit for the gifts I need for the task entrusted to me. I beg God to equip me. Perhaps I have been afraid for leadership or fearful for the responsibility or fearful to fail. I am asking God how to proceed. In my own 'strength' I fail(ed). I am sure that God will entrust me with gifts needed for the task. I ask for faith and strength. I ask my fellow believers to pray for me and all God has entrusted to me. That includes Millet.


Jesus, send your Spirit and equip me for the tasks you have entrusted to me. I can't take the journey without You.

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