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I.M. Triggered 11 Mar 2022

Once a the trigger of a gun is triggered, the bullet can no more be stopped. Once a war has been started, there is no return.
Sure enough, there are as well more positive examples. Once you have been born, your life has begun. When you are baptized, it can not be undone.
Both good and bad deeds can not be undone. They were done in the past. It is unchangeable.


Although the original trigger of an event can not be undone, the consequences in the present time can be dealt with. I could do some repair of the damage. I can look for possibilities to use things initiated in the past for new different purposes. Preferably good ones.


Action in life is desirable. For without action, not much happens. Actions start with taking small steps. And next taking more steps.
The most influential action in my life was the choice that I wanted to learn how to love God. It happened in an instance. And it triggered a long sequence of good things in my life. It brought love, joy and fulfillment in my life.


Jesus, come back soon. For I am sure that will trigger many good things on this earth.

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