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I.M. Tricked 10 Mar 2022

Looking for magic, I enter the world of tricks. Magicians have their tricks. Women and children have their tricks. Thus I need to accept that I need tricks as well. Or perhaps I do already have some tricks in my portfolio.


What would make an action a trick? Sometimes a plain lie. Sometimes incomplete information. Perhaps a hidden agenda.
Some salesmen use tricks. Often they are packed in a careful plan, called a script. I am lured into a purchase which I actually do not want. But I have already talked half an hour with the salesman and it is hard to say no. Sometimes they offer me a freebie, ask my name, address and bank account. Actually I am making a contract. Because the freebie is a part of a monthly commitment with costs. Usually when I arrive at the end of such a sales-trick I say, "No, thanks." I feel cheated. Even if I would have the option to cancel the contract in the first month.

My Tricks

I may ask Millet (my wife) if she likes something which benefits me as well. I could say directly: "I like this holiday. Would you like it as well?"
"Can I use that 50 Euro of yours?", without the intention to give it back.
Saying "You are annoying!", and not admitting that I caused the annoyance.

Tricks avoid to display what actually happened or is going on.


Jesus, teach me being transparent and honest. Teach me to share my feelings and intentions openly and friendly.

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