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I.M. Trapped 9 Mar 2022

When I really desire something and I run after that bait, I am trapped. I have lost my mind. It even happens to some presidents of large countries.


What could be the baits I would follow?
a) My strong desires. Lusts.
b) My negative thoughts especially when my emotions are triggered. Even false positive thoughts may bother me.
c) Just some wrong ideas. I may assume something is easy and should produce a great result. When my assumptions are wrong and not corrected ... I am trapped. It should be simple ...
d) Laziness and risk avoiding. I just keep postponing.

It seems that quite a few things can go wrong in my life. What helps?
1) Measuring and testing. Am I really getting the results which I expect? Is there progress with my execution of plans.
2) External correction. Perhaps a parent, friend or teacher can help me to escape from my faulty thinking.
3) I could give up trying to solve certain problems. And then spend my time on other issues.
4) Smile about my failures.
5) Admit when I hurt or disappoint others.
6) Ask advice.


Jesus, I am trapped in my humanity. Please help, for you are God.

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