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I.M. Touched 8 Mar 2022

Yesterday in the Netherlands, a 106 Million Euro was collected for help to Ukraine. Perhaps the largest amount of money collected in one single day in my country. I remember a similar collection for Haiti, many years ago. Today I believe, that money is still not used completely for Haiti. Reasons may be corruption and lack of infrastructure. When I see foods and materials collected for help in Ukraine, that is nice. But how can it be brought to the right destination?
It is complex to to help. Still it is touching. Still the world is not helping Ukraine with the actual war which, humanly spoken, they can't win from the Russians.


I am impressed with the willingness to help. A cynical response is not appropriate. Not seeing the reality, as far as I know it, is as well unwise. Soothing my mind with the idea that I have given some help, hardly works.
We all feel powerless against a war. Do we really have no power? Is it only for the heroes to fight?


Jesus, teach me and many how to pray and act related to the Ukrainian war. We lack wisdom and courage. I pray as well for freedom for the Russians, Chinese, North-Koreans and many others, a Two Billion people who can not openly speak their opinion.

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