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I.M. Tolerant 7 Mar 2022

Cities like to be tolerant. Politicians like to be tolerant. The Devil is tolerant.
Unfortunately I am not always tolerant. I am human. By times I am impatient. Perhaps with loving, I perform less than cities, politicians and the Devil.

Truly Tolerant?

Would a city really tolerate criminals? Do politicians tolerate an unlimited number of refugees? It seems that the Devil is the most tolerant of all. She, the seducer, tolerates all bad things. The Devil appears to be the good one.

And God? He even tolerates the Devil. Why would that be? God has patience with all His creation. His reign will be forever. The Devil's reign is temporary. And so is my impatience and my not loving. It is limited in duration. And could it be, that I actually desire good things? I am on a pilgrimage and it takes tolerance with myself.


Jesus, I thank you for your patient kindness.

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