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I.M. Tired 6 Mar 2022

Today I am feeling tired and disappointed. I was very much hurt reading about the deceit of some charismatic-evangelical leaders. They consider it normal to give false testimony about healings. It is for the sake of spreading the gospel that they may lie and deceive.
It is frequently that I myself hear leaders and ministers boasting about healings and miracles. Such testimonies are second hand. The one who has been healed and or his doctors should give testimony. And hopefully tell what good the healing did in their life after the miracle.
Do such leaders have values in their life? Little by little they learn (often from mentors and colleagues) to lie and deceive. Usually, over the years their habits get worse and worse. Some end up in prison.


Are just the 'evangelical/charismatic' leaders and priests the only bad ones? No way. Most people are very vulnerable to fall into the same sins as the world around them.
Thus I am as well vulnerable for deceit and giving false testimony - for my own benefit. How correct is my resume? How correct is my tax declaration? What am I hiding for my wife? Deceit begins with small things and grows worse over the years.


Therefore it is important that I, organizations and especially leaders are open for correction and checks. Each person needs correction. And I guess leaders and priests most of all. They have a bigger and more complex responsibility than most others. Many leaders however refuse accountability. And, as I am a leader of my own life, I am included. Of course it is painful to disclose faults. It is however a short pain compared to imprisonment or hell.


Jesus, I am tired of not being accountable and hiding. Teach me to open up and trust more the grace and kindness of others. And protect me against foolish perfectionism.

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