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I.M. Threatened 4 Mar 2022

What would be the biggest threat in my life? War or dangerous animals? Perhaps not. What bothers me most are my own thoughts. The character of a threat is that there is a possible danger which may hurt me. It is not doing me any actual harm in the present moment. It does however drive me in panic. The same applies to many of my daily thoughts. I am hindered by not realistic and impractical thoughts.
How much of my time I would dwell with unpractical thoughts? 5%, 50% or 95% of my time? I would guess between 50 and 95% of my thoughts are impractical and thus a threat to my effective functioning.


Relax, many of those impractical thoughts are not total meaningless and they are hard to avoid. When my emotions like hate or jealousy reign over my thinking, it is better that I learn how to stop the threats which I generate. Otherwise those thoughts will keep me from sleep, normal work or worse. Unchecked, such emotions may take 100% of my mind.
One simple help is to write all the bad thoughts on a paper and smile about them. They are usually unfriendly and impractical.


Jesus, teach me how to unburden.

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