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I.M. Thoughtful 3 Mar 2022

Frequently my head is full of thoughts. And I have little idea where to post them. Not all my thoughts are useful. Some thoughts I would like to move to a recycle bin. Thoughts are however powerful. Usually it takes patience to get rid of them.


When it is about something I need to do or I could do, there is a simple solution. Do it. Then the thought is done.
When I remember that I need to post a letter, it is simple. I can do it. And that feels as a relief.
When I do have a thoughtful thought, an idea to be nice to another person, that can be easily done as well. And it feels great.


When I have many thoughts, I like to write them on paper. It is really 'thoughtful' for me. Because as a normal person, I do not like to take the time for it. And that is not 'thoughtful'. It is clumsy. The writing is simple. It relieves my mind. It unburdens my desire to memorize and remember them. Some confusion leaves me. Just the writing down the thoughts already relieves me.
Even better is when I analyze the thoughts. I must keep it simple and brief. It may help to get some emotional distortions out of the text. I may throw some items. Where it applies, I can make a plan to get done a few things in a kind and pleasant way. Isn't that thoughtful?


Jesus, teach me in reflection to be kind to myself and others.

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