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I.M. Thirsty 2 Mar 2022

It is possible to live some 40 days without food. Without drinking I will only survive for a mere 3 days. Without oxygen I won't make it longer than 3 minutes. On this earth, lack of oxygen is a very unusual problem. Lack of good drinking water is a common issue at many places in the world.
In my life, the longest period without drinking was perhaps 12 hours. It happened at two occasions. Once when I was sick and once when I overslept.

Thus I know little about being thirsty in the sense of drinks. I am however thirsty for the living water of God. That is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given to all those who obey. (See Acts 5,32)

The reason that I am thirsty could be that I do not want to obey to God. Obedience takes action, conversion. The fruit is love, piece, joy and many more good things.


Jesus, teach me how to drink from your well, to obey to your Holy Spirit.

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