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I.M. Thankful 1 Mar 2022

Would you be thankful for the universe? I would. What matters most to me are the earth, the sun and the moon. Would the rest of the universe have no meaning? In the old times, the navigation of ships already depended on the observations of or star systems.
I believe that everything in life matters. And thus I need to learn to be thankful for everything.


Some theologians wondered if Jesus would be in the heart of the Devil. He is omnipresent ... Still other theologians argue, "No, that cannot be." I wonder how important such questions are.
Catholics say that Jesus is in the blessed sacrament and in the tabernacle. As if Jesus would not be present at other places. You see: if Jesus is omnipresent, He is certainly present in the blessed sacrament.

That shows how silly questions and language can be. By times I try to express ideas, which I hardly understand, in clumsy words.


My preference is to gracefully accept everything in life with a thankful heart. For nothing is excluded from influence on my life. I need to accept it.

Do I need to accept a nuclear war? Of course I should not desire it. Once it has started however, I cannot disconnect myself from the reality.
The choice is then to me:
I can draw back in anger, fear and hate or,
gracefully embrace the hardships and try to survive.

Day by day I have the choice between death and life. I can choose bitterness or thankfulness.


Jesus, teach me to gracefully and thankfully embrace life. Perhaps that is love.

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