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I.M. Indifferent 30 Mar 2021

What is the use of an indifferent God? What is the use when I am indifferent?
Answering the first question is easy. With all respect, an indifferent God has no use or meaning for me. The other way around: when I am indifferent for God, I may have no use for Him. Indifference kills the relationship. It is arrogant.
The second question has an answer as well. I protect and hide myself: "Not me!"


It is true that I am not God. I am not able to care for too many things. I find some refuge with Jesus who says: "Cast your burdens on Me". Thus I choose to pray for all those things which are too big burdens for me.

End Of Indifference

Indifference ends where I open my heart. There is a variety of responses. First I need to listen to the needs and problems that come to my attention. Secondly, I am able to express empathy and compassion. I need to learn that showing compassion is not a commitment to solve all the problems. As a third response I could study or think about what could bring relief. Once more this is not a commitment.


I am invited to share in works of mercy. That is to care for some of the needs in our beautiful and wounded world.


Teach me courageous generosity.

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