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I.M. Indebted 29 Mar 2021

Debts may pay an important role in life. How would life be without the support of friends, teachers, parents and God? I am indebted to all of them. Fortunately none of those require that I pay back my debt. They have given their support freely.

Debt of Love

I know love does not count. Love is for free. There is however a limitation. If I do not love others, I can't receive love.
I am made for love. I am given my life to love God and my neighbour. Thus accepting my life comes with a 'debt' to pay. I need to love. And without giving love, I can not continue to receive love. It is like a dead in hell.


Dear God, I ask you to fill me with your love. Come Holy Spirit, fill me with your love until my life spreads love. Please come to aid my unbelief in your ways.

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