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I.M. Inconsistent 28 Mar 2021

No one is perfect. It is good to know that I as well am not perfect. Interestingly I may conclude that I do not need to be perfect. The same reasoning applies to being consistent. It is fine to be somewhat inconsistent by times. It gives openness to introduce some new variation.


Which new thing could happen if everyone is consistent? If no-one is willing to change?
It may need courage to change my consistency. I like to learn. I like to renew my thinking.
I know that it is unwise to change to many things just in one step. And that too may need some inconsistency. Incidentally I should take courage to do things radically different. I must be willing to take the risk for failure as well. I should be consistently willing to take a chance to fail a little or to win a lot.


Father God, in the consistency of your love I feel secure to behave inconsistent. I should be willing to give up my consistent inflexibility. Jesus, teach me vulnerability.

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