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I.M. Impulsive 24 Mar 2021

Impulses are very useful. They can start new actions. By times I need to be remembered to do certain things. Alarm clocks and agendas support me with timely reminders.


My vision is a bigger picture of what I want to realize over a longer time. My vision or visions do remind me to focus on my deeper purpose. For me it is like a regular impulse to work on it. Something like a heart beat. Now the actions are follow my strategy.


Being impulsive means that I respond to thoughts or events in a disorderly way. It is like flying on the auto-pilot. I do not think. I just act. It is not always bad because many of my automatic responses are very effective and appropriate. The automatic pilot can however not deal properly with unexpected or complex events.
Impulses may distract me from a proper focus on the work I actually need to do. Impulses also may lead me towards bad decisions.

Standard Responses

Many human tasks are learned and trained just as a computer is programmed. The internal computer works very fast and efficient, but it is not very smart in dealing with certain impulses. Actually my internal computer programs do have some flaws. I always make the same mistakes. And worse, I frequently hurt the people around me with my auto-pilot responses.

Good News

The good news is that parts of my internal computer programs can be updated. The harder news is this requires a lot of training and preferably the help of a programmer, which could be a coach. This reprogramming is a beautiful task. It needs a lot of patience and persistence.


Dear Jesus, please teach me fine tuning of my internal computer programs. Holy Spirit, please assist my auto-pilot.

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