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I.M. Imprisoned 23 Mar 2021

A prison is not a happy place. Hell is not an inviting home. Shackles are more than a bit annoying.
More nearby, I am imprisoned in my own body and my own personality. And there is no simple escape from it. Even Jesus Christ will not rob my identity. Is there no escape?


From what do I want to escape? I can flee from a prison or get rid from a heavy burden. If I seek refuge in an impossible dream, that is another prison. If I refuse to explore my options how to escape, I will sink in oblivion. That is imprisoned forever.

My Identity

My true identity needs to be redeemed. My ultimate destiny after death I have entrusted to Jesus Christ. I am no more concerned about that. My new identity, already here and now, is to live the life and works that God has prepared for me. And on my turn I need to prepare myself and reach out to my true identity: I am made to love and care for what is entrusted to me. I need to repent, to turn away from dead ending roads. I need to redeem my talents. I need to learn to use my gifts. I need to develop those gifts.
I deeply believe that God has given me all the gifts and talents needed to perform the task he has entrusted to me. He calls me to build community.


Please Holy Spirit, teach me to develop the gifts and talents which you already gave me and which need to be redeemed. Please Jesus, set me free from old unproductive habits and heal me where I am wounded.

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