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I.M. Impressed 22 Mar 2021

Our washing machine makes an impressive noise. It is not in a good condition. We expect that one of those days it will break down. It is 10 years old and we will not complain. It has served us well.


When I am impressed I am at the risk that my focus is wrong. How is that? My attention is taken by that what impresses me and I forget to observe other things.
Two examples: I face a lion just at a 10 meters distance. A fear falls on me. I am impressed by the loud roaring and enormous stature. I forget to shoot when I still have the time. Or I do not consider to move to a safe place within my reach.
The boss of a company with a vacancy is impressed with a new job candidate and she hires him. Actually she forgets to check more about his character and if the new employee fits in the culture of the business. The new employee got fired just after a couple of months.


Nevertheless, a first impression is very important. It is really hard to change impressions. When my presentation starts clumsy, I need to do extra work to convince the ones who already formed a not so good idea about who I am. With my website I need to work on a good first impression and a great first usage experience. And that is not easy.
My presentation matters. It is an important basis on which others build their initial trust. If I just impress others but do not deliver ... it is useless.


Father God, I thank you that you do not judge me on basis of a first impression. Jesus, I ask that you really make your footprint in my heart. Holy Spirit, please remind me always to your 'footprint' just based on my faith and baptism.

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