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I.M. Impractical 21 Mar 2021

All practical persons do have something in common: they start working on the problems that need to be solved.
Impractical may have a range of meanings. If the execution of a plan takes too long or is too costly it is considered impractical. The same is true when the plan is too complicated or too risky. An impractical person could be clumsy or fearful.

Gift Differing

No-one is good at everything. Thus there are automatically tasks where I feel clumsy. I am not good in dancing. I need to listen, move and cooperate with others at the same time. It is too complicated for me.
There are other things which I can do pretty well. I am a good engineer. I can do quite some maintenance tasks on a bicycle. With car maintenance however I feel inadequate.


Sometimes I can delegate a task to someone else. Other tasks can be learned or practiced. By times some coaching helps. There are tasks which are simply not needed.
I am a clumsy musician ... but I do enjoy making music.


Father God, guide me with all the tasks where I feel impractical or inadequate. Holy Spirit, give me joy with things where I am impractical. Jesus, all the burdens where I feel inadequate I cast unto you and I ask you for your light burden instead.

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