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I.M. Imperfect 20 Mar 2021

It appears easier to me to be imperfect than perfect. Few things are really without at least a tiny defect. No person is utterly blameless or faultless.
Defects are part of life and thus healthy. Weaknesses may keep me humble.
Imperfection should however not become an excuse or rule over me.


If I were perfect, I had no need for faith. I would know the future on forehand. I could predict it without fault. Most certainly I would not be human. I would cause a lot of hurt and jealousy on my fellow inhabitants of this earth.
I need faith to believe that despite my imperfection I can do a few good things. I need dreams about things I am not yet able to get working today.


I am not just a perfect copy of a God. I am just made in the likeness of God my creator. Because I have imperfections, I do have a unique identity. And God loves it. I am called to love what I am. And love does not see imperfections. Thus I am perfectly who I am, whether I like it or not. So I better begin to imitate God with liking myself. And ... I am not required to be perfect.


The people around me, e.g. my family, neighbours and colleagues, are certainly imperfect. They are not created as perfect. I have choice. I can hate them or I can love their uniqueness.


Ohh God, show me the unique beauty of my neighbours. Help me to face them all with a smile. And open the eyes of my heart to see them smiling at me.

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