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I.M. Impatient 19 Mar 2021

It is a beautiful sunny day. You are given the opportunity to look inside my brains. A pretty dark place. Much like a heap of brown spaghetti. It holds many mysteries. Somewhere in the center you might find a colourful surprise. It appears to be an unsolved Rubik's cube. I am not patient enough to solve it.
Actually there are plenty of gems, in the form of unresolved puzzles, in my mind.


Those gems are opportunities in my life which await my patience and focus. When the puzzles appear too complex or not doable, I get impatient and bury them in the brown tasteless spaghetti. The gems deserve better.


Whatever plan or wish I have, a gem only comes to shine when polished. So I need to work. Let's first make clear that not all of my plans can be realized. By times and perhaps most my plans will fail. I may not yet find a workable way. It may be unacceptable to my community. I may not yet have the means. I may simply blow it. When I have made serious efforts, that is acceptable for me.
Of course with patient hard word I brought forth some shining jewels.


Usually my impatience causes me to act frustrated and ill prepared. I desire my result immediately or too soon. Frustration is usually fed by arguments of others around. Typically I fail to listen accurately. If I want to improve my execution of plans I may need to improve the communication with the affected or needed persons.
Unexpected setbacks feed my impatience. I need more patience with dead-ending ways. My number one is making second and third attempts to creatively find support with my superiors. And equally important is that I need to patiently invest in long-term preparations. Two examples related to my life are: seeking coaching to learn fresh behaviour and learning a new foreign language (Tagalog or Italian). With impatience I can't learn a lot.


Come Holy Spirit, strengthen my spirit to execute patiently all that is needed to bring me closer to the beautiful gems I want to produce.

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