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I.M. Immature 18 Mar 2021

When will I be mature? When the harvest is ripe, it will be harvested. Is my life finished when I am mature?
Being mature is not my deepest desire. I like the fresh thinking of a child. Many of the fresh thoughts I have are not yet mature. Nevertheless: they grow. Just as green tomatoes will turn red little by little.

Acting Immature

It is part of life that once in a while I make a mistake. I may hurt myself or someone else. I may loose some money. My self-worth may have a temporary dip. I am alive. I can take it. I will not die from a mistake.


When my faults repeat and I observe it, it is time to learn. I am quite blind for the troubles I cause regularly. I do appreciate help with my impractical behaviour.
First I hope that my friends will report some of my immaturity to me. Second I do know that I need practice to learn to behave more mature.


Father God, I realize that I do have some habits that could use correction. I ask for a place where I am accepted and where I am encouraged to experiment with new behaviour, roles and rules.

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