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I.M. Ignorant 17 Mar 2021

Ignorant has a variety of meanings. Being addressed as ignorant is seldom positive. That is a bit strange since ignoring is an important option in the normal daily life.


By times it is really convenient not to know about some rules. In that case I do not have to ignore them. Anyway I can not know everything.
There are however plenty of rules that I am assumed to know. Living in the Netherlands makes me subject to the Dutch law. Whether I like it or not. It is not a valid excuse just to say: "I did not know". After the ending of the second world war, many Germans said they had never 'known' about the evil done to Jews and others. It did not take the blame from them. In life there are many things I must know. And I need to make effort not to remain ignorant.
It is the same with the 'final judgment' in the hour of my death: there are no excuses for the law is written in my heart.


Sometimes I ignore the needs of another person. Actually I am aware that I am doing it. I may be in a hurry to get my business done. I may be annoyed or angry. I could be arrogant or abusive. I am hurting the other person. My judgment could be unwise. I may ignore wisdom of the other person. I miss the mark. I blow it.

Usually this is summarized by 'reactive' or defensive behaviour. We all make mistakes based on habitual responses. Once I become aware of my ignorant responses, I realize that I need change. I may need coaching to learn to behave more productive. It is not easy to change habits. When I learn that I ignored someone I could apologize and ask for forgiveness.


Assume my child is playing. I see him or her doing something that I would consider as unwise or forbidden. Then I realize that I have two options:
1. I teach my child a lesson. But then the game is over. The joy and the flow will be gone.
2. I let my child make a fault or break a rule. The game continues. The joy and pleasure will remain. My child may learn from it or not.
I could purposely ignore what I am seeing. The ignorance makes space for other good things.


Father God, first I thank you for the many times that you have patience with me. I thank you for the freedom to live and make faults. Holy Spirit, please help me to become aware when I ignore and hurt others or when I miss relevant wisdom.

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