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I.M. Idle 16 Mar 2021

Let's consider being Idle today. I have the capacity to fly but I am not flying. This time of Corona deregulates many lives. We are not allowed to do the things we are used to. Idle is unused. It needs leadership and creativity to escape from my idleness. Mostly I am idle because I did not make plans.

Waiting for Others

When I expect others to lead me I have a problem. I make myself dependent on what might happen or on what never will happen. I do not like idleness. And at the same time I easily choose a position of dependence where I hurt no-one and where nothing goes wrong. I end up being lazy and a people pleaser.
The result is painful. I get nowhere.

A Step Forward

It is even better to do something than nothing. It gives fulfillment to have done even small jobs. It is a habit to use my time reasonable. When I can do small things I am capable of doing bigger things as well. It is a matter of discipline.


What hinders me in acting? Some suggestions:
1) Failures I made in the past.
2) Dislikes and laziness. By times I need to do things which are not my favorite activity.
3) Criticism, fear, discouragement, disunity.
4) Refusal to take responsibility for my own life.
5) Unbelief in my own talents.

Why me?

Who else? If I want my life to have meaning, I need to give direction to my activities.


Jesus, I ask forgiveness for my passive and reactive responses. I ask for healing where I am hurt. Holy Spirit, teach me the joy of life all the days of that same life.

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