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I.M. Hungry 14 Mar 2021

In the western world not many will ever get very hungry. Perhaps after an afternoon of hard work or intensive sports.
How many are hungry or in need of the word of God?
How many earnestly seek to learn to live a more meaningful life?
Do you really seek 'with a hunger' to settle the quarrel with your friend?

My Hunger

A hunger is a sincere and honest desire. It moves me to my refrigerator. I seek something to eat. I know how to satisfy my hunger for food.
I am hungry as well for some very different things:
I like to meet Jesus. How earnestly am I? For whose sake? Do I believe that meeting Him will satisfy my hunger? Or am I afraid that I am not worthy enough and that perhaps He may reject me as a 'scribe'?
I desire to be part of a community which is willing to support other Christians in personal development and spiritual growth. My hunger may be stifled at the sight of the risks that I need to take. How hungry am I? Am I hungry enough to take the risk of rejection during my search for 'food'? Am I willing to give up my independence? Am I courageous enough to take the risk to fail?


In times of plenty I will not easily get hungry. Perhaps that is a good reason for fasting. That I may feel a fresh hunger to grow in all that is healthy.


Please father God, make me hungry for meaning in life. Make me a seeker of your Way. Instruct me concerning Your ways.

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