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I.M. Hung-over 13 Mar 2021

It is not about what I am. It is what I experience. I drank too much alcohol. The next morning I ended up with a hung-over. The worst is that I can't remember what I did the evening before.


Yes, what did I do yesterday evening? Normally I would not do strange things. But I drank some beers. How did I get home? How did I get in my bed? And this terrible smell ...
With whom did I talk? And what did I say? Did I tell him or her about my problems? Did I speak too loud? Have I been 'lightly inflamed' by some discussion.
What would the other people think about me? I better do not ask.


No, I do not worry too much about the times I have been drunk. I never have heard reports about what damage I did on those events. For sure, I did some unwise things in my life.
I am thankful for celebrations. They are important. They give colour to my life.

I do prefer however to celebrate without hang-overs the next morning.

No Memory

Lost memories are not satisfying. Excessive drinking is not the only reason. I forgot so many things from my youth. Once my father re-married, we only very seldom talked about my mother who had passed away. Stories need to be told and re-told. That supports the memory.
Both memories and stories may lack accuracy and relevant details. They do keep us in touch with our past.


Father God, I pray for places where memories can be safely and abundantly shared. Help us to shy away from things which block our memories.

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