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I.M. Humble 11 Mar 2021

Being humble requires two things. First one needs to live in truth. What I show to the world should be according to what I truly am. No masks or hidden agenda. That is however not enough to make me humble. I need to act responsible and caring for what needs to be cared for. There is no place for indifference.

I am who I am

That is what God says about Himself. He is true in everything. No lie is allowed with Him. That might be the reason that He keeps quiet often. I can not take the truth. He can not lie.
When a lie is spoken in my spirit it may be attributed to the devil. He thwarts my loving God. How can I know? The Devil is not humble. He comes with unloving lies for that is his nature.

Holy Spirit

For he is God ... he is humble. He is soft spoken and full of loving compassion. It is not the loudest voice in myself that I need to listen to. It is the gentle breeze of fresh air that I need to care for.
The message of the Holy Spirit is caring and responsible. Therefore it is powerful.


Father God, send your Gentle Breeze and instruct me how to raise my sail so that I move forward speedily.

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