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I.M. Hostile 10 Mar 2021

When I am hostile, perhaps first of all I am defensive. Second I may be irritated, afraid or angry.
Next I attack. In various forms: mentally, verbally and physically. In some cases this is much needed, in other cases I find myself out of control and doing more damage than good.

Feeling Good

I release my power and get a quick result. It may feel good. I did it. I got my will done.
Except for a truly needed immediate defense, I do damage to a relationship. If I kill an animal which threatens me, it will be dead forever. When I shout to a child it will be afraid for me for a long time and perhaps forever.

Behaving Reactive

It is too often in my life that I respond defensive. I react to events coming on my path in a way to protect myself. In this way I hold off more productive and creative choices of dealing with the same circumstances. I take my conclusions too quick and hastily.
I need to relax and if possible to take more time to reflect on the situation. I need to accept or reject negative thoughts and feelings. Usually it is not easy and quick. Practice helps. For healthy thinking I need peace of mind.
Where possible I should explore what is actually and accurately the problem. If there is a problem at all!

From Hostility to Friendship

Hostility hinders a healthy relationship. When I seek to understand my 'enemy', a better relationship may evolve. My opponent may begin to listen to my thoughts as well.
Frequently it is possible to turn difficulties into opportunities. And that is much more productive than hostility.


Jesus, king of salvation, teach me to turn hardships into creative responses. Where I have treated persons and life hostile, I ask forgiveness. Please, teach me Your ways.
I forgive those who have treated me hostile.

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