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I.M. Hopeful 8 Mar 2021

Hope gives life. We hope for better times. We hope for desirable things far before we believe that they can materialize.
We also may express: "I hope it is not true." We may deny the reality. We then give a strong message that we do not like to be disappointed. Rumours may be confusing or unsettling.

Hope and Need

Hope expresses things which I actually need or strongly desire. It is in a phase or with circumstances beyond my control.
I also may hope for a big price in the Bingo. In that case I am gambling or hoping for good luck. And by times I need some good fortune.
Finally I may have a hope that I can find a good solution for a specific problem.


In some cases it is very helpful to hope for a miracle. Waiting for a miracle should however not make me passive. I should work on possibilities within my reach. I shall seek for solutions. I shall reach out to a better future.


At a certain point my hope may grow into a faith. I begin to believe that what I hope for is on its way. I am getting closer to the target. I begin to see and trust that my problem can be solved.
When I pray I shall pray with a faith that God can and will solve my problem. I need however to listen to God. There are some possibilities:
1. God may deny my request. If so I hope I will receive some 'faith' and understanding why God did not grant my request.
2. Sometimes I need to pray more and perhaps add some fasting.
3. When God gives me the faith ('assurance') that my request will be granted or that the prayer is enough/done, I shall stop praying. The issue is settled.
4. When God answers my prayer, I shall thank God. Just as I would thank another person answering my request.

I shall ask God for the gift of peace and a trusting heart, whatever the situation is. Doubt never helps.


Father God, I ask you for the gift of hope for a good future. Teach me how to protect and care for my hope. Holy Spirit, please purify my hope and vain thinking.

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