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I.M. Honest 6 Mar 2021

Being honest is not always easy. Being honest with myself sounds more simple than the reality. I am not always honest. And it happens that when I am honest that I lack respect.


For me the notion of respect is a good guidance. When I am honest or when I am dishonest, it is reasonable to check whether I speak respectful.
Giving an unkind hurtful feedback to a person lacks respect. Even when what I say is true, it is not building up the other person. (Feedback is explaining to another person how he behaves).
When I am dishonest and hiding my failures, that lacks respect.
Thus when I speak with respect for other parties and myself, usually it is safe to speak honestly.

Deceit Spreads

It may seem easy to protect myself with a lie. It often happens that to protect my lie, I have to cover up with more lies. I may have to falsify proof. I may have to contradict others. Perhaps I deny what I had agreed about earlier. I may blame others. I may have to beg or threaten others not to disclose my secret.
I end up living in a world of deceit. Defending my faults takes a lot of energy. And it hurts myself.


Thank you God that you are merciful. When I confess my sin, you do forgive. Please give me patience with others who disappoint me. Teach me respect for others.

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