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I.M. Hilarious 5 Mar 2021

Something very funny may cause a big laugh and some tears at the same time. My emotions are triggered. It only happened very seldom to me.

Holy Spirit

Where people pray together the Spirit of God may be experienced with power. Some 25 years ago at the end of a two weeks School of Biblical Studies, one of the leaders prayed over me and it happened that I began to laugh. Not a small laugh but a big loud laugh. It took minutes and I am sure I cried. The Spirit of God had touched me in a special way.
What did I feel or experience? A promise of God for my life. A good promise. It was certainly hilarious. It was hardly funny but rather joyful.


I wish many others an experience of great joy or pleasure. Each of us deserves great experiences.


Come Holy Spirit set us free for the good of the Kingdom of Jesus. Guide us in prayer. Please touch many! I thank you.

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