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I.M. High 4 Mar 2021

Most persons would like to be in a good mood. Some persons are however depressed. They feel moody or even worse. They need my compassion and not another meaningless and unsolicited advice.
Healthy persons do have a choice. As with an elevator there are two kind of buttons: Up or Down. The choice is mine.


I am human. By times I do press the 'Down' button. The result is that I spoil someone's day and or my own day.
I need to learn to avoid pressing the 'down'.
And that includes not taking reasonable risk and slowing down.


When I press 'Up', something is going to happen as well. I make a choice. I choose to be lifted up. In an elevator the engine does the work. In normal life I start using my own energy to produce a result. First and immediately I already feel energized. When the action follows, I begin to move and work. The result of my work usually satisfies. When it fails, I can smile. I learned that something did not really work as I had hoped. I am however happy for I used my time well.


Jesus, please show me the 'buttons' which lift me up high to your Father.

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