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I.M. Heroic 2 Mar 2021

Heroes are strong and courageous. At the other hand heroes may be foolish. Being a hero brings recognition.
Not many persons are heroic. Or do we all have something heroic?


Yes, I do have an ego. With both bad and good sides. When I act as a hero to draw attention I may bring my ego in danger. When I am courageous where others remain passive, even that may be a cause for mistrust and jealousy. When I choose to be heroic it better be for a good reason. Having a status as hero may not be easy. It may contaminate my humility and rob my wisdom.

Competing Hero

When heroes compete, whom are they serving? When I like to take over the place of God I may end as a devil. I may die as an inglorious idiot. Heroes may forget to serve their family. Nevertheless I hope that I can fight honourably with courage.

God's Hero

The first 'hero' of God is Jesus. He paid the price for my eternal life. Jesus calls us for holiness. Holiness requires by times heroic behaviour. I need to choose with courage and confidence. I need to defend the honour of God. And I have been entrusted to learn to be heroic because of who God is. He is worthy.


I'd like to dedicate my life to the honor of God. Come Holy Spirit, be my guide and helper.

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