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I.M. Helped 1 Mar 2021

God has sent me a helper. Her name is Millet. And I am thankful for that. She is my angel. By times I am wondering if there are not more angels protecting me. I make plenty of small faults in everything I do. A something must hinder me from just falling dead from the stairs or from other evil. I know another great helper. The Holy Spirit guides me in mysterious ways. Internet helps me greatly to find answers to all kind of questions. My family and neighbours help me by times. Unfortunately there are issues where I find little help.

No Help

The previous paragraph already shows that I participate in various communities. I desire to be member of a community desiring to help others with personal development for the sake of the coming of the Kingdom of Christ. I like to cooperate with others to explore what this means here and now. I like to talk about our values and our purpose. And I hope we grow into more action.
I would appreciate help in building up a community of servants of the poor. And not or lesser servants of ourselves. I seek a life of peace for many. It needs helpers.
You are invited to talk and discuss with me. I seek more helpers with or without wings.


Father God, please connect me soon to other helpers and servants of your coming Kingdom.

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