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Your Opinion 10 Mar 2019


Who are you? What is important for my readers? Please tell me about yourself.

What would you like to read about? You are invited to write to me either on Facebook or through

Railway pictures

An picture I made from the train yesterday. Yes I did some processing.


What subjects did you like? Perhaps you have a theme, a word or a picture where you invite me to write about.


Is the text easy to understand? Is the quality of the pictures good enough? Would you like me to write a story or a longer article? Would you like to publish a story or article written by yourselves?

Ease of use

Are the letters easy to read? Do the pages look nice or boring on your phone? If you have suggestions for missing features, let me know!

I am considering a swipe for mobile phones. I consider a search function for certain words.


- for reading
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- for the feedback.

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