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Welcome 31 Mar 2019

Welcome Holy Spirit

I like to welcome the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit says as well: Come! And the Holy Spirit invites us to say Come to the whole world. With this introduction, the plot for the meeting is set.

welcoming measures

Welcoming tools


The tower at the airport communicates long before the actual arriving of the airplane. A landing schedule is set up. When the circumstances change there is communication.

Welcoming the Holy Spirit can be done with praise and worship. That is inviting. I do not yet know what is going to happen. I am expectant and have desire.


When the plane approaches the airport, there are beacons and guiding lights. The airport is prepared for a landing!

I can prepare myself for the arrival of the Holy Spirit with knowledge. My Bible, books and the testimony of other persons may help a lot.

First of all I need to light a beacon of trust. Especially in the great love of God. He will not harm me or hurt me.


The runway at an airport is marked properly, so that the pilot has clarity where to go.

I am inviting the Spirit. He or She likes to target first my own spirit. What is my spirit? Perhaps the place where the Holy Spirit can land or reside. Perhaps the fountain of life. The Holy Spirit likes to revive, bring fresh life. As far as it depends on me, I should yield where the Spirit likes to minister.

The place of Freedom

In the place of freedom is Joy, Love and Peace.

My first awareness of the presence of God came with great joy. I had offered myself, made myself available, to learn how to love God.

When I reconciled, met, with God I found a new peace.

And sure enough God invited me to participate in calling Come to more people. Be welcome to meet the Holy Spirit!

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