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Unknown 22 Mar 2019

With subjects like discernment and gifts of the Holy Spirit I see very little response on my website and Facebook. For most Catholics, Spiritual Gifts as mentioned in the bible are rather unknown subjects. I like to write more on the unknown Beauty that does not know where to land.

Dove seeking landing strip

Issues that I like to write about in the coming days

  1. Prayer: our father
  2. Purpose of the Holy Spirit
  3. Desire for the Holy Spirit
  4. Prayer for the Spirit
  5. Gift of tongues
  6. Gift of translation
  7. Gift of Encouragement
  8. Gift of Prophecy
  9. Gift of Knowledge
  10. Gift of Intercession
  11. ...

Ask the Spirit to land afresh

Just ask God for the grace to get to know the Holy Spirit in new ways.

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