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Service 28 Mar 2019

Usually the gift of service is considered as doing all kind of special jobs in the community or church. Being honest, I doubt if that is correct. Although many persons love to serve in such a way, and it is helpful for the community, I doubt. Because it does not feel as teamwork. And it feels a bit isolated from other gifts in the community. What then?

Servant Leadership

A leader who serves his team to enable them to function comes closer. But he is still not a team member and aloof. What then?

serving person -

Service is a part of the tennis game

Serving to support growth and maturing

Parents are great examples of servants. They are not always good coaches and instructors. It could be that the Holy Spirit likes to equip some people for assisting other persons to grow, learn and mature in doing their present work or running their present life.

A pastor or shepherd is to spiritual and to distant. He has no time to work and live with the persons seeking growth. I compare the gift like a master guiding an apprentice. It is like training a disciple.

Easy to find?

I find it near to impossible to find a coach for the Christian life. I am interested in being helped to grow in following Jesus.

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