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Revenge 8 Mar 2019

My first response to little and bigger frustrations is to take a step back. But not for long. Soon enough my emotions begin to play.

When I feel shame or guilt, I may like to deny.
When I feel offended, I like to revenge.

a sword

The sword of revenge.

Bitter sweet?

Is the revenge bitter and sweet? Typically when I feel annoyed, my response is not friendly. I like to hurt others. It is like using a sword. It shall hurt.

Who is in control?

I may try to control myself. Incidentally I manage to refrain from revenge. Although my face still may look dark.

More often I can repress my first bad response. I know that my first responses are ineffective. I weaken my response. It helps. Incidentally I manage to come with a balanced statement, which can be received by my enemy. Too often, my second - more controlled - response is still unfriendly, unloving, and most of all not very helpful to maintain an open relationship.

The one who is in control appears to be a revenger.

Towards a loving response.

Perhaps I should offer the sword to my opponent. I could ask him or her to explain the other side of the story. Perhaps it may turn out that I am the bad guy.

Perhaps instead of fighting, I could seek to befriend my enemy.

When I struggle.

In the Ephesians letter (6:12) it says: we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and the ruling forces who are masters of the darkness in this world, the spirits of evil in the heavens.

Pray and fast!

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