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Mission 3 Mar 2019

Does my life have a purpose? Typically my thinking is much self-centered. I am busy with my own life.

Actually I would like to be a participant of groups of people working on bigger issues. The ultimate purpose here on earth would be being a (co-)builder on the Kingdom of God.

ear of grain

The mission of a single grain is to produce an ear of grain.

Kingdom of Heaven

I believe that the Kingdom of Heaven coincides with the Kingdom of God. Heaven sounds pretty distant. I live on planet Earth. And I can't help wondering what God's wish or plan would be for me, in the here and now.


If I work on any project, I need to know what the aims of the project are. I can work on smaller details. If the smaller details do not serve a bigger plan, my work may end in the nowhere. In other words, I need direction and co-operation with a bigger purpose.


That is where the Holy Spirit comes in. The Holy Spirit wants to guide and direct. He wants to bring wholeness. He can bring unity. He can bring purpose.

Yes, it says: He can. It is however not easy to talk to deaf and stubborn people. I can know. My left ear is deaf. And when good willing people talk into my left ear, it is in vain. My right ears however hears relatively well.

To hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, we need a spiritual ear. He can only speak when I stop speaking myself. I need to become quiet. And beg God: Please open my spiritual ear. Jesus has promised to all baptized ones the gift of the Holy Spirit. Speak, your servant listens. And when He speaks, be a servant!

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