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Missing 1 Mar 2019

The picture below is special. I used a new tool to create it: Krita. This free-ware tool has many nice brushes to draw with. With trying all the options I made a mistake. I lost all the blue light.

a missing colour

Something is missing in this picture.

If no-one told you

If you would not know, you would not realize that you are missing the blue colour. The image still looks nice.


I am unaware of what I miss in my life. I just have no idea. I am so used to the day by day ordinary.

I may not be aware of:

  • the taste of foods I never tried.
  • the sensation of beautiful music I have never listened to.
  • the joy of the hearts desires which I never trusted.
  • the joy of dancing freedom's dance.
  • the existence of God.
  • the lack of love which I desire in my life.


Dream, dream, dream, what good things I desire in life.

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