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Meaningful 11 Mar 2019

Meaning in life

What is important in your life? A colleague asked me an hour ago. I am wondering what a meaningful life may look like. And I am willing to make adjustments.

A connected life.

This I know:
I want to be connected to other people and I want to be connected to a meaningful future.
In other words:
I do not want to be indifferent for the needs of other people, both now and later.

a team

Team-up. With different persons of course.

A meaningful future

I am interested in the question, how an eternal life with God could be. I hope that God's paradise may give me insights. I realize that my insight in a misunderstood paradise can lead to strange results. Nevertheless, I look for solid and enduring meaning.

With God is patience. Even patience with the imperfect. There is no judging over others, but acceptance.

I really hope for a place with creativity, responsibility and accountability. Because with healthy accountability there is a possibility for correction.

Meaningful Christian life

A mature Christian learns to be responsible and accountable.
I am accountable to the community of which I want to be a part of. I want to share in the mission of the church. I seek other people to team-up for the mission of the church. I like to grow in effectiveness. I invite you!

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