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Interpretation 26 Mar 2019

If I do not understand a message delivered to me, I ask for clarification. Sometimes a message for mature people needs interpretation for children, so that it is not too complex for them. Sometimes messages need interpretation so that they can be understood in a different culture or context.

Filipino Sign Language

The deaf can not hear spoken words. They use sign language interpreters to translate to sign language. The sign language has its own alphabet.

Filipino Sign Language

The gift of interpretation

This is a gift intended to interpret the gift of tongues. Being honest, over 30 years, I have very seldom seen even attempts to use this important gift. It may happen that after prayer in tongues someone comes with a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom. That could be an interpretation, but usually no-one knows for sure if that is correct.

It also must be said, that I very seldom or never have observed a person speaking a tongue that actually sounds like a clear sentence or message. And that may be due to a lack of faith and or confidence. I have never heard people asking the Holy Spirit to speak with a tongue, that could be translated by another learning/practicing person. We all seem to be too afraid to make errors. So that very few even try to learn what the Holy Spirit is willing to work out among us.

Interpretation of visions

Once in a while I have witnessed interpretations of visions. Sad enough the interpretation is seldom discerned properly.

The Holy Spirit likes - in my opinion - that gifts of various people co-operate:
- Person A speaks a tongue.
- Person B comes with a related 'picture' (An image he or she sees in her mind)
- Person C comes with an interpretation
- person D + E discern that it is a meaningful and reliable message
- And person F perhaps can receive the message or act on the message.

I witnessed such a pattern regularly. It 'flows' relatively fast, immediate. Without thinking. And then it feels convincing. It should be orderly, trustworthy and ... obeyed where needed.


I feel that there is another kind of interpretation. That is adapting truths from the bible or revealed by God's Spirit in such a way, that the present community can use it in the setting of the here and now. It should be an actualization and not a change of meaning.

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