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Encouragement 27 Mar 2019

It is easy to discourage. It is harder to encourage. Encouragement is considered as a special gift of the Holy Spirit. A first reason is that it reflects love. Another reason is that leaders need to support growth in the people they lead. And growing comes with making faults.

growing person

Encouragement is about growth.

When things are hard

Especially when I have worked hard and made serious faults with the work, it is hard to hear criticism. I know I made a fault or even various faults. I know I may have disappointed or even damaged my community. Then it is time for a father or a good leader to support. A word of encouragement and a fresh chance to try a new opportunity is much welcome. But first, I need to learn to clean up the mess I created. That is something which none of us likes. And for taking responsibility for my wrongdoings, support is very welcome.

Encouragement is not justifying what is wrong.

Co-operation with other gifts

Encouragement may come with gifts like wisdom and prophecy

A leader or shepherd (pastor) who does not know how to encourage does not understand his task well. Each of us is called to grow in skills and capability. Whether young or old.

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