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Dust and Wind 5 Mar 2019

Sometimes I pray fervently. It produces a lot of dust and wind. Sadly, nothing else happens. Does that sound familiar to you?

dust and wind

Dust and Wind


I do not have all the answers. By times it feels nice to produce dust and wind. At least something moves. It is still not very satisfying.

Some reasons I can think of:
1. I do not listen to the Holy Spirit.
2. I may not pray in unity with at least some others.
3. Something may separate me from God.
4. I may not pray with faith. I may stick in unbelief that God answers my prayer.
5. I am unwilling to do my part in solving the very thing I pray for.


Any form of manipulation causes dust and wind. Manipulation lacks respect and love.



In my case I live too much in fear to just do what needs to be done. Sometimes I need to act, and not pray.

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