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Discernment 20 Mar 2019

Jesus did what the Father had told Him. He knew the will of the Father. That is something which seems to be hard for most of us.

One reason is that we blatantly refuse to to what we hear and know from the gospels. Obedience may have a price. We have to give up some of our own will and rights. There are many pastoral reasons which decrease the measure of our guilt.

Another reason is that we lack knowledge and experience in hearing God's voice and discerning if it comes truly from Him. That is my theme for today. I like to focus on discerning in a community setting. Simply because it is more wise and safe.

three glasses

The glasses remind to the godly Trinity.

Discernment in a community (church)

It is a problem that I am prejudiced. I have my fears, pride and lusts. Interestingly other people are much less prejudiced about 'messages' destined for me. They frequently can easily sense if my ideas are pure and orderly.

Discernment on gifts of the Holy Spirit

The church has the duty to discern about gifts of the Holy Spirit. Those gifts may be poured out at various occasions. It could be with an administered sacrament, prayer or with a newly assigned task.

When a gift of the Spirit is not discerned and stimulated, it may never mature and grow into proper operation. Therefore it is the obligation of the church to do both discernment and activation. If a church refuses to do so or does not know how to deal with gifts and talents they bear responsibility for their failure.

Once more, I believe when newly received gifts of the Holy Spirit are tested, both laymen and priests can easily discern if something is happening or not. If priests are afraid for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they should be ashamed. They should however be concerned about disorderly ministry with all workers.

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