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Bickering 2 Mar 2019

My breakfast was at Intratuin. They serve a really nice breakfast for a two euros. It is a 7 km bicycle ride and I enjoyed it.

Intratuin is a shop selling all kind of products for in and around the garden. I made some pictures of exotic plants. But that is not today's subject. My work desk may also look somewhat exotic. And I am not proud on it.

work desk

The bureau where I write most of my articles.


Bickering is not a very familiar word to me. It may however be a very familiar habit of me.

It means: to argue about things that are not important. During Intratuin's breakfast I did an exercise on projection. Projection happens when I see annoying things in others that are actually ... things that I hate in myself. It easily happens that a projection on a nearby person (seeing my bad habit in him or her), triggers my emotional frustration.

E.g. when I quickly get annoyed when I hear people bickering, then most like likely I hate it that I myself am frequently bickering.

Some attempts to recognize my projections

Procrastination. Perhaps this is not my number 1 problem, because I hardly observe it in other persons.
Talking too long. I just withdraw my attention.
I thought about: independence, individualism.

This habit won. I easily get annoyed when I see people leaving all kind of stuff littering around. Then I remembered my work desk. I am unable to manage to keep it clean.

An instant

I heard myself thinking, I really want it clean.

In the next instant, I heard an inner voice: William, I love it. And I recognized the love of God saying: William, I am happy with your work desk as it is now.

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